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Kiruna Lapland
Northern Light
Wilderness tours

We are a local family from Kiruna with 35 years of experience of wilderness tours and lifetimes of experience in the subarctic wilderness. We would like to introduce you as our guest to one of the most beautiful parts of Kiruna, straight into the wilderness far above the arctic circle.

Explore the nature with snowmobile, cross country skies and snowshoes. 
Experience ice-fishing, local food, sleeping in a warm traditional sami hut far away from nearest road and city light, building a snow cave and looking at the amazing northern light, aurora borealis.  

We wish to create unforgettable memories and experience of an adventure in the snowy Lapland.   
It's also possible for us to take you to the famous ICE HOTEL.

Check out for more pictures from the tour in the picture gallery and activities!

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