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northern light wilderness camp vakkakoski kiruna2-days Nortern Light tour with overnight in a lappish hut

The tour starts 9.30 in the morning with car-transfer from your hostel/hotel in Kiruna to Kurravaara, a small village 20 minutes away, where we have the starting place.

In Kurravaara you will get equipped for the cold with snowpants and wintershoes.
Then you will get instructions how to drive a snowmobile. You will, together with your friends, drive 10 kilometers through the forest and on the ice of Torne- and Rautas River. There are no roads in this region and you might see wild animals and tracks from them in the snow. For example in wintertime there is a lot of mooses and reindeers along the river.  

The camp is 10 km away from nearest road and there is no electricity or running water, and also the cabins are fire-heated. When we arrive there you will have to help prepare some wood and bring up water from the river, which is so fresh and perfect for drinking.  

We stop for lunch in our Lappish wilderness-cabin; Some lappish specialties made out of reindeer- or moose meat or fish with bread will be served, and then a cup of coffee/tea with a cake.
It is possible to have vegetarian food, just tell us before.

After lunch you can enjoy a peaceful day in nature or try some of the activities.

Traditional Swedish dinner will be included as well.

In the evening it is possible to enjoy a fire-heated sauna and if the weather is clear the chances to see northern light are high. Here are no citylights to disturb the spectacular scenery on the sky.

You will sleep in the cabins in a sleeping bag.  

Day 2 after breakfast you will have time for more activities and after lunch we take the  snowmobiles through the beautiful winter-landscape back to Kurravaara.
We help you with transfer to your hotel/hostel or trainstation/ airport in Kiruna.
We are back in Kiruna around 16.00 but in time for the train 15.46 if required.   

Note that times mentioned may vary due to starting earlier or later in the morning, and that it is as a wilderness tour depending on the weather and whatever can happen on the way.   

Included: Guide, transfers, snowmobile, activities at the camp, all meals, sauna, lodging, snow-pants and winter shoes.

Price: 1800:-/pp   stud 1-4p 1400:-/pp, stud 5p- 1300:-/pp    

Tours goes from Nov.20 -April 20
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