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Full booked dates during the winter season 2018-2019: 
5th, 7th, 17th, 19th, 25th, 26th February

We will send a booking confirmation and some useful information about the tour to your email. Please read it carefully, you will need it.

To have the tour confirmed you need to tell us at which hotel/hostel  in Kiruna you are supposed to be picked up at in the morning. It is also OK to be picked up at the train station. Before booking; check flights and hostels first, to be sure there are available seats on the flight/train and room for you at some of the hotels/hostels in Kiruna.
We also need to know how many people you are, what date you like to join the tour and a phone number. Please let us know if you have any vegetarians in your group.

Payment in cash  

Other instructions

Don't worry if we are not there at exactly 09.30. We starts to pick up visitors at some of the hotels at 09.30. Even if you might be the last ones to be picked up you should be ready at 09:30 outside the reception at your hostel/hotel. In which order you will be picked up is not decided until the last minute. If Henrik, Märta or Ivan doesn't pick you up, there might be a taxi to pick you up.

At the starting place you'll get equipped with winter shoes and snow pants. 
Bring warm clothes, warm gloves and an extra pair of socks.
To drive a snowmobile you need to have a driving licence for car or motorcycle.
You can bring all your luggage with you to the transfer point. It will be safe, looked in during the tour. On the sledge you can only bring what's needed on the tour.
You can bring your own sleeping bag if you want or just travel sheets to put into the sleeping bags that are on the camp.
At the camp there is only simpel, limited electricity from mainly solar panels. It is a good idea to bring extra battery for your camera or a powerbank. There is no running water so we will fetch some from the river for drinking and shower in sauna. The cabins are heatad with wood and you'll have to help and prepare the firewood for your cabin and the sauna.

Bring your own towel for the sauna in the evening.

Bring cash, no credit cards.There is no good network at the stating place so cards are
not possible to use.

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