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When you arrive at the camp with the snowmobiles there is a lot of activities to try out.
All activities are included in the price.


Ice-fishing is a very common activity among local people in Kiruna. It is optimal in springtime, Mars-May, but is also possible to do whenever the ice get strong enough to walk on. Drill a hole in the ice, place out a reindeer skin and relax with a cup of tea or coffee while waiting on the big fish. 

Cross country skiing

crosscountry skiing kiruna taube activity student
Cross country skiing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in northern Sweden.
 It is simply a fantastic and fun way to explore the nature.

Snow shoeing

Get a close up with the nature while winter hiking and snowshoe walking through white and beautiful silence

Shooting with an air rifle 

Learn diffent positions like standing, kneel standing, lying and how to use the surroundings (trees, skiing sticks, backpacks, stones etc.) to get a stable aiming on the target. Some easy practise if you are interested of hunting for example.       

Sliding downhill

Downhill sliding Kiruna student
Fun snow-sliding down the hills in the forest, it goes fast!

Prepare firewood 

Saw firewood Kiruna student

All the cabins on the camp are heated with fire which is very warm. When we arrive to the camp the first thing we have to do is preparing firewood with saw and axe. This is a fast way to get warm and have some fun as well!

Bring up fresh drinking water from the river

Fresh drinking water from Torne river Kiruna student
The left photo was taken during one of the polar nights up in the north. Experience real darkness in December when the sun doesn't even rise over the horizon, when we only have a few hours of daylight. 

Ice skating on the river

ice skating taube activity kiruna
Play hockey or be a ice-princess/-prince on the frozen Torne River

Hike in the forest

Walk through an amazing nature and wilderness, with meter of deep snow, an open streaming river, sunrises and sunsets, sights of wild animals and tracks, take beautiful pictures and relax.          

         Build a snowcave 

And more:

Wooden heated sauna
Meet other travelers
Or just relax by the campfire 

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